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Build Your Brand Strategy

    Whether you’re just starting to build your brand or looking to grow your audience, our collection of brand strategy articles has everything you need. Learn best practices for every stage of business, from forming your unique identity to growing a loyal community.

    Start building your brand

    Your brand isn’t just your logo and slogan. It’s your company’s overall identity, including its mission, values, founding story, and reputation.

    With so many moving elements, it’s critical to have a strong brand strategy in place. This section is a great starting point to bring your brand to life.

    • What is Brand Marketing?
    • Develop a Strong Brand Identity
    • How to Tell a Brand Story That Gets Noticed
    • What Is a Brand Strategy? [And Why The Most Successful Companies Use Them]
    • Bonus: A 9-Step Brand Strategy Template

    Brand Management​

    Even the best brands turn stale when left on their own. Monitoring brand awareness and reputation are long-term investments.

    Find out how to best manage your brand and stay true to its core message.

    • What is Brand Awareness?
    • The 4 Major Types of Brand Awareness
    • How to Measure Brand Awareness?
    • 20 Proven Ways To Increase Brand Awareness
    • How Do You Build Brand Loyalty?
    • How to Create a Loyal Brand Community
    • Managing Your Online Brand Reputation

    Advanced Brand Strategies

    Ready to take your brand to the next level? Experience even more growth with these advanced techniques.

    Find out how to create advocates and superfans who will market your brand for you, and how to build the valuable brand equity that makes you memorable.

    • Building Your Brand Equity
    • How to Create Brand Affinity
    • Using Brand Extensions to Grow Your Business
    • The Importance of Brand Advocates
    • Turn Your Customers Into Brand Superfans